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About Craig

I’m a successful entrepreneur and salesman, that brings a successful brand of enthusiasm and hard work to every venture I pursue. My clients know one thing for sure: you can count on me. And this is not something I take lightly.

Even after years of dialysis and a kidney transplant, I shrugged it off with a smile, feeling blessed. I’ve lead by example, helping people start their own businesses, invest in real estate, and live the life they’ve always wanted.

I built Final Touch, a car detailing business, from scratch, creating a marketing campaign, management, and infrastructure that became second to none. In only a few short years, the business took off, earning myself over $150k in annual sales.

Throughout this time, I began kidney dialysis. I already knew that time was precious, but once I was hooked up to the dialysis machine for eight to eleven hours a day, it hit me. I would have to use the time I had in even more creative ways.

After considering a few options, I landed upon a great opportunity. I found a car grooming business, Auto Wash, that was the right price. Though under previous management it had been failing, I knew I could rebuild it.

I didn’t waste time, knowing success would take more than word of mouth. Setting my eyes on social media and the web, I build a website and put Auto Wash on the online map. Soon, I was driving social media traffic my way and converting it into sales.

Now with two successful businesses under my belt, I sought a fresh start, and that’s when I moved and took on a new business venture called Filter Disposal Services which focuses on reducing waste oil from harming the environment by collecting and disposing of waste oil filters in an environmentally friendly way.

I had a vision from the get-go and could see the benefits environmentally and was successfully accredited by the Ministry Of Environment. Within the first year of ownership, I successfully expanded my client base by 30% increasing it’s sales. Already in love with my new community in Foxton, I took up real estate and joined Professionals, eager to bring my brand of hard work, honesty, and optimism to new clients as a realtor.

After eight months, I became a rookie star at the agency. Great results with clients who were highly satisfied and returned for repeat business encouraged me to press on. Also, at this time, I received one of the best phone calls of my life: after years on a waitlist, a kidney had finally become available.

It would take a while to recover from the kidney transplant, but I had never let anything stop me before. Now, I was healthier and brimming with inspiration.

Day in, day out, I built upon my substantial legacy. Only four months after coming back, I won Rookie Real Estate Salesperson of the year, beating out three other agents. Shortly after, in April of 2019, I earned the second runner up status, a national award for salespeople. More awards were to follow.

I loved making a sale, but even more so, I love seeing the satisfaction on my clients’ faces. These are relationships, more often than not, for life. These are not only my clients but my neighbors and fellow community members.

Whether it was a move from London to start over after falling in love with New Zealand or building a new business, I found that my values brought me further than anything else. Simple, down-to-Earth, and hardworking: this is how my friends and co-workers describe me. I’ll work hard for you, and when you’re on my team, it means you’re going to win.

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